EzaroThe waterfall in Ézaro or Xallas river (Dumbría) is the only river of Spain that falls directly into the sea, and one of the seven that exist in Europe



The river Jallas or Xallas has in his last mile a vertical drop of 155 meters, the waterfall or fervenza do Ézaro is over 40 meters high, and is a tourist spot to be visited, the river has three reservoirs the Fervenza , Castrelo and Santa Uxía with abundant flora and fauna, are curious the Caldeiras or Pious, natural cavities formed for the erosion of the river.

Now you do not have to be aware of the opening hours of the jump because it is permanently open, accessible walk takes you to the base of the waterfall.


As impressive as the waterfall itself is the viewpoint from which you can contemplate the estuary of Ezaro, the village, beach and even Finisterre, besides Mount Pindo up one side of the valley with its impressive rocks, from here you can go trekking, to the Monte Pindo about 10km and 4 hours of walking.


There is also a litle museum that you can visit

Museo da Electricidade do Ézaro
Housed in the former power of Pindo, here explains the production of electricity in Galiciia in a pedagogical way , for it there are machines and plant facilities, dating from the twentieth century,

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