Corrubedo lighthouse and dunes

faro de Corrubedo

corrubedo-pasarela-dunaCorrubedo Cape Lighthouse and Dunes

The Corrubedo's Cape in A Coruña, between Arousa and Muros and Noia rias

En In the Corrubedo's cape exist a Lighthouse and from there you can see the Dunes and the corrubedos natural park where you can find the galician biggest mobil dune. clos to the dunes there is a wet place "Zona Ramsar" (wetland with international interest)there are several lacks like Vixán and Carregal.




In the nature reserve we may find species adapted to very arid and sandy substrate instability








70% of the species of amphibians and reptiles are found in Galicia in the Natural Dunes Corrubedo,The wintering waterfowl surveys conducted in recent years provide an average of 2,300 units and more than 35 species. You can find Charadrius alexandrinus and other species You can visit the dunes but not penetrate the protected are





 Video Corrubedo Cabo Faro y Dunas