San Andres de Teixido

Acantilados san andres de teixido

San Andrés de Teixido

"San Andrés de Teixido vai de morto o que non foi de vivo"A San Andres de Teixido goes dead was not vivo.San adres of teixido is located in the mountains of "A Capelada" Cedeira and 12km of coastal town known for its seafood especially barnacle, whose feast is celebrated in the month of August



San Andrés de Teixido, also known as: San Andrés de "lonxe" or San Andrés "Do cabo do mundo

San Adres of Teixido is full of traditions and legends that make it a mysterious and attractive to believers in every area. It is said that where is "La Puerta del Celta World Beyond"

One legend says that St. Andrew came by boat Teixido Cliffs and wrecked his boat being converted into the rock known as A Barca de San Andrés

The chapel dates from 1789 and was made by Miguel Lopez de la Peña
On the altar of the church can find all kinds of items offered at San Andrés.

Special dates to go on pilgrimage to St. Andrew Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Pentecost. On June 24, between August 16 and 9 and September 29, the third Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month of September and between 27 and 30 November (San Andrés Apóstol).

The typical product is bread figurines "sanandreses"

There are 5 figures made by the artisans of San Andrés. According to tradition which has him, never be forsaken.

Hand: ask for love good company and friendship

The Fish: for work and livelihood

The Barca travel to the home and business

The Holy: for physical and mental health and conviviality.

Thinking: for studies, evidence and good sense. It is highly effective against envy and hexes

To meet the wishes of the saint's orders to drink by the three pipes of the power of the saint, and to be sure wishes are granted there to throw piece of bread into the water from the source, if the fleet will mean that the wish will come true, but if it sinks then you have to try next year
One of the Cruise of San Andres de Teixido
The cliffs of San Andrés de Teixido are the highest in continental Europe, with a height of 612 meters above sea level
The Herveira checkpoint is the viewpoint from where you can see the best views of the cliffs. It is located 612 meters above the cliffs


In the highlands of A Capelada there are a variety of fauna and flora.

In terms of wildlife, birds and amphibians predominate plus wild horses and cattle grazing on freedom

On the cliffs of the mountain you can see peregrine falcons, crested cormorants, eagles and eagles milano Albela.

Regarding flora
podeños find heaths, orchids, knapweed, gorse, armory and some pine and eucalyptus. Centaurea borjae abounds, the Rumex scutatus subsp. Gallaecicus or corunnense Leucanthemun

The photo shows the flower of saffron

Among all the flora in the mountains there is a very appreciated, the "herba herva namorar namoreira or" Boil love. scientific name. "Armeria pubigera"
In the picture we can see a very abundant Erica saw Capelada

In the highlands of A Capelada is one of the major wind farms in the region.

Cedeira is the town nearest to San Andres de Teixido and a typical place to eat seafood, and for this there are numerous restaurants

Badulaque. Probably the best known. Located on the waterfront.

Building Casa del Pescador, s / n, Cedeira, 15350
Tel: 00 34 981 485 000

A Revolta. Located on the promenade

Maritime Pso, 37, Cedeira.

Tel: 00 34 981 480 764

To eat Nido advised the restaurant located in Cedeira

If you intend to order seafood crab type etc. ox. book in advance and tell the restaurant you have to have this type of seafood you need about 50 minutes of cooking so it will save a good time out.

Other restaurants have the seafood cooked in advance but it is always better to be cooked just before serving


Cedeira; 12km distance 15 to 20 minutes duration

Santiago de Compostela. 140km distance duration. 2 hours

A Coruña's about 100km and the journey is approximately 1h30

Lugo's about 160km and the journey time is about 2 hours

Ourense distance 245 km time 3 hours

Pontevedra distance 200 km time 2h20

Vigo 226 km long distance 2h40

Mass Schedule
In San Andres de teixido

Check tel: 981 482 496

In cedeira

Parish of Santa Maria do Mar
Weekdays: 20:00
Vespers: 20:00
Holidays: 12:00, 20:00
Mass with children: 12:00
- Daylight saving time -
Weekdays: 20:30
Vespers: 20:30
Holidays: 12:00, 20:30
Mass with children: 12:00


Weather conditions are quite variable, where the wind t fog are very common, so we recommend warm clothing and ideally the visit in good weather, as the views are breathtaking when this clear. And if the good weather to visit first the cliffs and allow the end the people, for the fog may come and spoil the view.

Drive with caution as there are a large number of horses and cattle roaming freely,

La curiosidad

Since we are in zone barnacles!

A barnacles bay are not laid down for cooking. If someone puts it could mean that they may have several days

The saying


· Water boil take barnacles, barnacles boiling water to remove "

Or what is the same is introduced in barnacles as boiling water and again boil when they retire.


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