las Catedrales beach


 Playa de las Catedrales o Praia das Catedrais

It is known as the beach of Aguas Santas or holy Augas, located in the municipality of Ribadeo (A Devesa) Lugo. Is Natural Monument by the Ministry of Environment of the Government of Galicia


The name of the Cathedrals Beach is its monumental appearance, its arcades and and forms reminiscent of the architecture of the cathedrals.

 Sea erosion has created a variety of ways.

Depending on the tide and weather of the day you can enjoy a varied landscape. caves, beaches, rock formations or discover hidden beaches strange characters ...... not hesitate to consult the weather and especially the tide times, as it is always possible to access certain parts of the beach, as there always low enough tide,


The weathering of rocks produces stunning views like this where you can see the beach from the bottom reigning stretch marks caused by erosion are used by all types of mollusks to settle. This combination of rock molluscs and produce images like this photo cavities in rocks are ideal for hiding all kinds of crustaceans, living with mussels and barnacles.


Barbadas (Gaidropsarus vulgaris), Escachos (Lepidotrigla Cavillone) Robaliza (Dicentrarchus Labrax) Muxel (Mugil Labroxus), Bream (Diplodus Sargus), Conger (Conger Conger), plaice (Pleuronectes Platessa) Lorchos (Coliphodiennius Galerita) Maragota (Labrus Bergyita), Agulla (Belone Belone)

Mollusks and Crustaceans

Bitere, sea Estrela, Lapa, Caramuxo, clams, Mexilon, Cangrexo, Barnacle, Ameixa Slug, Cockles


Bilurico Bailon, large marine Corvo, Gaivota patiamarela, Garza, Lavandeira moura



We can find Leitaruga, Herba namoradeira, Cardo da Ribeira, sea or Ugly Perixel Praia. To visit the beach of the cathedrals there is a wooden walkway which to explore the most interesting of the coast


During the visit be amazed at the variety of vegetation and the color scheme of this





Arealonga Beach (Reigning)


It is situated next to the beach of the cathedrals, as the sun cathedrals beach is accessible at low tide, this beach is the solution to enjoy the beach waiting to access the cathedrals. The beach of the cathedrals are reigning as the blue flag








5 minutos Zen Playa de las Catedrales

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Restaurante. situado encima de la playa, quizas no es un gran restaurante y puede que un poco carillo, pero su situación es perfecta para visitar el lugarBar restaurante playa de las Catedrales

Camping playa. de la playa de reinante a escasos metros de la playa de las catedrales

 Camping poblado Gaivota. Playa de barreiros, 27790 Barreiros, lugo Tlf.982 12 44 51


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