O Cebreiro

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O Cebreiro

Cebreiro is the beginning of the Camino de Santiago in Galicia. This village is located at 1300 meters altitude and has a very rough weather fogs abound.
The Pallozas are the main building of this mountainous area is or Cebreiro




The church of Santa Maria is Romanesque, IX century. and beside it is the Hospital of San Giraldo de Aurillac, transformed into guesthouse since 1966

Cebreiro largely Elijah popularity Valiña the pastor, who was a great promoter of the way.

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Yepes has in his "Chronicle General of the Order of St. Benedict," which in 1300 lived in Barjamayor, a village near Ol Cebrero, a farmer named John Santin or Santiso. John was very devoted and never missed Mass that was celebrated in the church of the hospital. A night of great storm, arrived at the temple at the time that a monk was consecrating the bread and wine, unconcerned believe that because of the bad weather no one would come to the celebration.

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Seeing so tired entering the peasant asked him how he had bothered to come to that time to see just a piece of bread and a little wine. Then the miracle happened: the wafer and wine become the body and blood of Christ.

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Legend has it that Santa María la Real is the mythical Holy Grail.
These legends seem to have inspired the opera "Parsifal" by Wagner.
The calyx is Romanesque dating from the twelfth century and presents the inscriptions:
"Hoc cuntis quo vita sacratur parabatur"
"In nomine christi nostri et beate Marie Virgine" foot in the mouth and calyx respectively


The village is made up pallozas (stone and thatch buildings) presumably of Celtic origin, and stone houses reminiscent of times past.

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The past and present merge and show us the pilgrimage to Santiago as an example of respect for the history and traditions

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Cebreiro opens to accommodate hundreds of pilgrims start here last stages to Santiago

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Europe was built on the Camino de Santiago, joined Roads and educated men respect and generosity.

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On the board we can see all the ways that depart from Europe and arrive in Santiago de Compostela

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June 13 is the Feast of San Antonio in Piedrafita, and fairs on 5 and 21 of each month. On 8 and 9 September they celebrate the festival of the Virgin and the Holy Cebreiro Cebreiro Miracle. Also include the "Feira do queixo do Cebreiro" which is organized every year along with the municipalities of Nogais and Triacastela.

Schedule of Masses at the church of Santa Maria la Real in O cebreiro
Cebreiro Street, s / n
27671 - LUGO Cebreiro
Contact Phone: 00 (34) 982 367 011
Winter time
Weekdays: 20:00
Holidays: 12:00, 20:00
Summer time
Weekdays: 20:00
Holidays: 12:00, 20:00


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