As Fragas do Eume

fragas do eume

Fragas do Eume

In the province of A Coruña and covering the municipalities of Cabanas, Monfero, Pontedeume, A Capela and bridges and Garcia Rodriguez, is the Natural Park "As Fragas Eume"



Its length exceeds 9000 ha, This Eume bathed by the river. The Eume born in the mountains of Sistral in the province of Lugo, measures 80 km and ends at Puentedeume.

The Nature Park is considered one of the most important Atlantic forests of Europe.

The most abundant tree is the oak, although we can find many other species such as Chestnut, Strawberry, alder, ash, willow, elm, Laurels, Hollies, Hazel and Birch

As a curiosity, note that there are 28 species of ferns which 6 of which are threatened with extinction.

The fauna of the Eume fragas consists mainly of Marthas, dormice, wild boars, otters, real Owls, Hawks Wildcats or pilgrims

The Eume reservoir causes a striking contrast, and a breakdown in the environment marking two different landscapes from the top of the reservoir.

Caaveiro Monastery dominates the Fraga and shows the harmony between stone and vegetation.

Caaveiro was founded in the ninth century, and was linked to families Lock and Andrade

From the monastery of Caaveiro, you can see one of the best views of the Fraga showing the density of its rich and varied vegetation.
Stunning views of the river from the dam
The Rio Eume bathe this stunning Fraga and becomes playground for trout fishing as well as for swimmers and hikers, walkways and recreational areas make entertaining space Eume
The river in one of its most beautiful
Bridge over the Eume
Among the trees we can distinguish the Monastery of another example of monastic architecture of the area

Monfero Monastery is unique in combining slate and stone facade.

It was founded in 1134 under the rule of St. Benedict in 1147 happened to be Cistercian.

It has a Baroque church (1622) and three cloisters:

The processions, made ​​according to project of Juan de Herrera, the Hospederia and the eastern

Normas y consejos

weekends only can be reached by car to the "natural park office Fragas Eume" from this point a bus takes you to the monastery of Caaveiro
Not allowed free camping or overnight with caravans

Plan out your visit and equip yourself properly

Use the garbage cntenedores

Drive with care to disturb as little as possible to the animals!

Teléfonos y direcciones de interés

Natural Park Office or Eume Fragas

Place of Esteiro, 15600 Pontedeume (A Coruña)

Tel: (34) 981 495 580 Fax: (34) 981 430 143

Da Natureza Conservation Service

Administrative Building Monelos

Plaza Luis Seoane, s / n - fifth floor. 15008 A Coruña

Tel (34) 981 184 585 Fax: (34) 981 184 654

Fire Forestais (Xunta de Galicia) 085

Seprona 062

Urgencies 112