• Castro de Baroña

    Castro de Baroña


  • Cabo Ortegal y su Faro

    Cabo Ortegal y su Faro


  • Isla de La Toja - Illa da Toxa

    Isla de La Toja - Illa da Toxa





What to see?

what to see






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Casa de Outeiro en San Sadurniño A Coruña

Casa de Outeiro en San Sadurniño A Coruña

Mi recomendación en la zona de Ferrol es esta casa rural que se puede alquilar completa.

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Leisure in Galicia


Leisure In Galicia, posts about things to do in galicia 

Paragliding in Galicia



Paragliding in Galicia is booming thanks to the weather conditions and terrain Galician

If I dedicate this article is because I think it can be a source of attraction for addicts of the sport. Galicia is well worth a flight!!

Note that metereológias conditions are very different in Galicia so you have to be patient ... and wait for the good time for the flight .....



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Sailing regattas Galicia



vela tradicional_galicia

Water sports in Galicia are well placed, the Galician coast is ideal for practice, their estuaries are protected and are large enough to allow for holding all kinds of races ..

This is a good example of the practice of sailing in the estuary of Ares, a regatta of traditional boats that we recorded for Galice.net is only a summary so that they can enjoy the atmosphere that was experienced in Ares.

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